When it’s time to sing, we enter breakout rooms, one for each section (bass, baritone and first and second tenors). Section leaders either lead the singing or play recordings of accompaniments or the melodies of particular parts (some using the wonderful free program Audacity) for us to sing along with. We can’t all (or even two of us) sing together because of different delays in transmission, so we’re muted and no one can hear you.

The point of this description is that while this doesn’t seem to be a good time to join a choir, there may be some advantages in doing so. As mentioned above, no one can hear you while you sing, so you can merrily let go in your own home while using the leader or recording as a guide. And we enjoy at least some of the many pleasures of being in a choir until we can practise at St Peters church again.

If this sounds interesting
, why not get in touch? Ring our director, Ben Oxley (0404 042 973), or our president, Ron James (0414 269 678), or email contact@cantorionsydneychoir.com . We’d love to see you!